Tuesday, March 7: Connecticut's Real Estate Market; Dumb Ass News; Has Chris Rock Ended Will Smith's Career?

Mar 07, 04:30 PM

Why is Connecticut still such a hotspot for real estate? Chaz and AJ called Johnathan Carbutti to have him explain the state's situation, and how to make a competitive bid as a buyer. (0:00)

Dumb Ass News - A woman drove INTO a building when she realized she was shorted biscuits in her fast food order. AJ realized he could've been in the same situation a few times, as well. (10:01)

Has Chris Rock's comedy special effectively ended Will Smith's career? At least one person thinks so, and he was on with Chaz and AJ to explain why. (14:33)

Image Credit: REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo