Amritavani - Limitless Potential

Episode 49,   Mar 10, 09:20 AM

In this podcast episode, Amritavani shares her journey towards the Dharma, starting from her childhood fascination with something bigger calling her. She talks about her exploration of different spiritual paths, including yoga, Christianity, and the divine feminine, before finally finding her way to the Dharma through a meditation class in Croydon. It was at the Croydon Buddhist Centre that she met two inspiring order members who left a lasting impression on her, Vijayasri and Sucimani, who made her feel accepted and heard, which eventually led her to deepen her exploration of the spiritual life within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Amritavani also speaks movingly about her experience of being a mother and how it informs her practice. With limited retreat time. Working with guilt when she goes away from her young children whilst having limited energy for formal practice because she loves them dearly and needs to take care of them. However, despite these limitations, she often finds herself inspired by her name, which translates to have the word "limitless" in it, challenging any perceived limitations she might have within the moment.  

Finally, White Tara's warm embrace echoes throughout the interview. Her warm embrace offers the guidance and support needed to deal with the challenges that motherhood and Dharma practice can face. 

Extracts from this interview were used for the Fifty Years, Fifty Voices project:

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Recorded in Cambridge with Simone Moore in 2018.