Cocaine Dogs & Dirty Talking Funnel Cake: Love To The Rescue

Episode 83,   Mar 14, 05:33 AM

It's official March Has Gone to the Dogs, and our first dog friendly movie is Love to the Rescue. It stars Nikki Deloach as Kate, a single mom who doesn't want a relationship but she does want a dog. She attempts to rescue one, only to find Eric played by Michael Rady and his son have dibs on the same one her family wants. The most implausible solution plays out while Eric and Kate find/fight their feelings for each other. In this episode: we propose that the parents should rehome their children instead of their pet, question the casting of Bruce the 'elderly' dog and turn Oatland elementary into a half dozen inexhaustible cereal jingles. March will be our most canine heavy month and we (along with Melody the pod-dog) are here for it!