Brendan Creed: ‘I’m a massive perfectionist’

Mar 14, 2023, 06:00 PM

Brendan Creed has discovered a lot about himself since he first represented his country back in 2017.

By his own admission he is a massive perfectionist, but he used to let it ruin his game.

Dealing with mistakes has been a key change in the England and GB Hockey star and he has worked closely with his team psychologist on his journey.

But that has also come at the same time as having to deal with tournament disappointment along the way.

From being named as a reserve for two World Cups, to coping with injuries, and plenty more hurdles throughout, it hasn’t been easy.

Not only has that experience changed his opinion on the topic of psychology as a result, but Brendan has also changed his outlook on himself and his sport.

It’s a journey many athletes can go through as they learn so much about their mindset and how to grow.

Despite the disappointments, the 30-year-old’s passion for hockey has never wavered.

In this interview on SportSpiel, Brendan explains why representing his country will never just be a job to him and how he constantly drives to be the best he can be.

For him, the objective of simply getting selected for your country doesn’t compute. Why would you not push yourself to be the best you can be?

He also explains how hockey can sell itself better to the general public, in an age where many sports are trying to capture the imagination and gain new fans.

He also tells us why he ventured into podcasting himself after setting up the Lets Stick Together show with team-mate Phil Roper.


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Image: GB Hockey

Music: Otis McDonald