Flirting with the Paranormal - a Birthday Time Check

Mar 15, 07:36 PM

Time is an anchor - when left behind - the fun starts.

Time slips, time anomalies, missing time. How can we be so sure time flows in one direction. OBEs, UFO encounters and Near Death experiences all suggest time is much more flexible than conventional routine allows.

Can we explore that? Certainly it is possible in OBE. Otherwise, for now - the trick is to simply hang on for the ride and get used to being given clues while making the adjustment to a radical relationship that allows for things to happen in a fashion that can be mind blowing - picture 'everywhere all at once'.

The world opened in a new way for me when I discovered the book - and watched the series - Picnic at Hanging Rock. Amazon Link.

I then followed up with The Secret of Hanging Rock and the Biography of Joan Lindsay to find more clues about Joan's unique view and relationship with time.

While all that is going on -- [you experience what you focus on] -- I had a few interesting time anomalies and I revisit others that previously challenged me to revise my world view -- a reality reset.

There are so many wonders begging to be incorporated into our reality. Apparently, due to lack of imagination or fear of the unknown, the only way they can be discovered is when someone trips over them. Eventually allowed/acknowledged existence when the due date on those who can't or refuse to experience them has expired.

Consider a dimension where Alice in Wonderland is not a fantasy but guided tour of a world designed to trigger creativity and imagination, to awaken the awareness that anything and everything that happens is actually off the clock.

In this segment -
Time Travel jaunt - the fog residue
Clock time - shift
Squirrels down the well - novelty
Cat and the non-collar - a disguise in plain view

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