Off The Bench: Looking back at Blank Gameweek 28

Season 1, Episode 23,   Mar 20, 02:45 PM

FPL experts Harry Daniels and FPL Focal (Oscar) review the tricky Blank Gameweek 28 as managers navigated a reduced fixture list as they attempted to get a full XI out 🧐

The pair discuss Arsenal assets, Chelsea’s performance, when to bring back Erling Haaland and exciting picks from Man Utd.

  • Martinelli decisions (03m 06s)
  • Moving on Man Utd (06m 14s)
  • Chelsea conundrum (8m 18s)
  • Isak consideration (19m 10s)
  • Haaland returns (24m 18s)
  • Aston Villa assets (25m 29s)
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