Talking 'After the Beep' w/Ryan Nunes & Shortest Night of the Month w/Paul Holbrook & Julia Andrew-Clifford

Season 3, Episode 4,   Mar 21, 2023, 04:05 PM

In this very special episode, we get two interviews for the price of one!

Nigel talks to filmmaker Ryan Nunes about his latest short film After the Beep, in which a young man tries to reconnect with his estranged father during the Christmas period. We go into Ryan’s motivations for telling this particular story, the emotional risk of personal honesty in storytelling through film, how and why Ryan made After the Beep with a cast and crew of one and striking a balance between creative fulfilment and the practical needs of finding paid work.

The second interview is a Q&A session held as part of Cameo Launch’s first short film screening event, Shortest Night of the Month. The event featured a line-up of films from the brilliant filmmaker and friend of the pod, Paul Holbrook and was followed by a Q&A with Paul and Julia Andrews-Clifford of the Independent Cinema Office. Julia shares information on the Young Film Programmer’s Network, a part of the ICO that aims to increase cultural awareness and appreciation of cinema for young people in southeast England. Julia shares the opportunities in film programming and the largely unexplored routes into filmmaking and cinema that programming has to offer, while Paul recaps his background and journey into film leading to the films exhibited during the event. Both provide unique perspectives and insights into establishing a career path within film and have a great time doing it!

You can watch After the Beep by clicking here

Watch the short film line-up from Shortest Night of the Month below:

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