The Lawnmower Man with Ashley Johnson

Episode 170,   Mar 22, 08:00 AM

The legendary Ashley Johnson (the OG Ellie from The Last of Us) joins the Kingcast boys to discuss all things Lawnmower Man, from the original King short story that bears damn near no resemblance to the feature film to secret tween crushes on shirtless Jeff Fahey, how to correctly pronounce Jobe, and maybe even Wampler's detailed notes after his first sober viewing of this fine feature film. Also, you'll get a lot of The Last of Us talk, both video game and the recent hit HBO adaptation that has taken over the world.

The Lawnmower Man is the timeless classic about murder chimps, gratuitous VR sex scenes and Pierce Brosnan's earring that was so faithful to the original Stephen King short story that the author sued the film to get his name taken off of it.