Loremen S4 Ep37 - The Vampyre with Sacha Coward

Season 4, Episode 37,   Mar 23, 01:00 AM

Stoke your Brams and Bram your Stokers, because James and Alasdair are joined by Sacha Coward: escape room designer and author of the upcoming book Queer as Folklore. Taking us from Lilith to Lord Byron (stopping off at Tom Cruise for a layover), Sacha unearths the LGBTQ+ subtext of the Vampire.

Sorry, Vampyre. Say it with a Y.

We touch on some slightly more serious themes than our usual fare of decapitations and maggot-covered doors, but you'll have to check out the Patreon extras for the really slanderous stuff...

Loreboys nether say die!

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