Season 2, Episode 10,   Mar 23, 01:08 AM

Todd Kohlhepp’s disturbing life of violent crime started at a young age. When he was only 15, he was charged as an adult for the kidnapping and raping of a 14-year old, which resulted in a 14-year prison stint that put him on the sexual offenders registry.

When released he didn’t wait long to start murdering people including, unleashing terror in a motorcycle shop and killing four. But none of this stopped him from earning two Bachelor’s degrees in computer science and business and becoming a successful real estate broker.

By 2016 he had murdered countless people, but this all came to an end in November of 2016 when investigators tracked a missing persons cell phone to his 100 acre property in South Carolina. The investigators found a young woman in a scene straight from a horror film, she was chained up in a storage locker for months, clinging to life! 

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