AI in health care: hope or hype? With Professor Sir John Bell and Dr Axel Heitmueller

Episode 30,   Mar 24, 2023, 06:30 AM

News of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. We seem to be on the cusp of a revolution in how the latest AI models will change our lives – and health and care could be at the centre of those changes.

AI will transform medicine, AI will allow doctorless screening and personalised prevention, AI will boost productivity, AI will make thousands of jobs redundant – so go all the claims.
But is this hype or real hope? How will AI transform health and care services and the experiences of staff and patients? What’s been the progress so far? And how best to move forward safely? And with growing demand, staff shortages and a public spending squeeze, could AI be a key answer to sustaining the NHS itself?

To discuss, our chief executive Dr Jennifer Dixon is joined by:

  • Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford and an adviser to the government on life sciences strategy, and to Sir Patrick Vallance’s current review of how to regulate emerging technologies. 
  • Dr Axel Heitmueller, Managing Director of Imperial College Health Partners. Axel has also worked as a senior analyst in the Cabinet Officer and Number 10 Downing Street.

Show notes