Growth Podcast Ep 4 – Springing on from the Budget

Mar 28, 2023, 12:00 PM

The Spring Budget was a significant one for business. But there’s no rest in our quest for growth – in this episode we talk green growth and skills too. 

It’s worth reflecting on the Spring Budget on 15 March. After all, there was plenty in it to help firms go for growth. And although it may have been missing some green credentials – at the time of recording – we’re expecting to hear more on that front within days.   
Joining us for this episode we have Katy Recina, Head of Economic Policy at the CBI, who’s trawled through the hundreds of pages of the red book so you don’t have to. 
As so many of the measures she talks about – from wins on childcare and health support, to frustrations on the Apprenticeship Levy – relate to people and skills, we asked Matthew Percival, Director on our Changing Workforce Programme to join in the discussion. He helps us look back over our Future of Work Conference in early March, bringing in tips and advice from Pheonix Group and Microsoft too.

Joining Syma Cullasy-Aldridge, Chief Campaigns Director, CBI, are: 

  • Katy Recina, Head of Economic Policy, CBI 
  • Matthew Percival, Programme Director, Changing Workforce, CBI