Love Is Blind Recap Season 4 Ep. 6-8: Toxic Kind of Love!!!

Season 3,   Apr 05, 2023, 01:38 AM

The couples return home and move in.  Then it’s off to meet the parents and friends and even some old castmates.

00:00 Intro
05:20 Bliss & Zack
19:50 Tiffany & Brett
27:50 Jackie & Marshall
38:32 Chelsea & Kwame
47:00 Micah & Paul
56:25 Couples Meet Up

Ever been somewhere and overheard two guys having a crazy conversation over random topics? Well we are those guys and we have been having these conversations since college. Do we agree on everything? Hell no, but we have fun anyway. We talk sports, politics, pop culture, other bs and now Reality TV!!! Pour yourself a drink and listen in. 

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