7 Day Faith Walk Day 7: Stick Around

Season 5, Episode 75,   Apr 11, 2023, 12:00 PM

You made it! It's Day 7 of the 7-Day Faith Walk Fast & Prayer Challenge! What a beautiful week of testimonies, favor, grace, blessings, miracles, signs, and wonders! WOW! I am so honored that you trusted me to lead you in this faith walk. This is just the beginning! Within today's email, I got a bit emotional. I simply couldn't help it while looking at what God has done. I hope you choose to stick around within the 90-Day Faith Walk! This is NOT 90 days of fasting but 90 days of faith-based growth and community. 

Scriptures of the day:
Micah 7:7

Faith Challenge: Join the 90-Day Faith Walk Journey. Within this intimate faith-based community, you will receive:
-Faith, Finance, and Fashion: Live Bi-Weekly Q&A and Prayer Series with me!
-Daily word with scripture studies. 
-Weekly Word Easy Bible Study
-Faith Walk Assignments and Challenges 
-Faith, Finance, and Fashion Fasts 
-Access to the community 24/7 within the chat community and me.
-Invitations to live events
The 90-Day Faith Walk is open for enrollment twice a year. This is not a daily open enrollment. If you missed the latest enrollment, STICK AROUND! You are already on the waitlist. 

Click here to join the 90-Day Faith Walk!

Talk to you soon! 
XOXO, Jess
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