Stephanie Marie Wasilishin: 3 Decades (Daughter Interview Included)

Episode 98,   Apr 20, 2023, 07:52 AM

On July 9th 1993, Stephanie Wasilishin has a domestic dispute with her live in boyfriend of 6 years, Russell Peterson. By 1:40 am, Russell is on the phone with dispatchers in Sedona, Arizona to inform them that Stephanie has been shot. He can't make up his mind on if she pulled the trigger, or if he did. It becomes clear through changing stories that something sinister occured that night & Stephanie won't receive justice for at least 3 decades. Her mom & sisters have fought tirelessly for her justice, and now her daughter Nicole Wasilishin is taking the torch. 

My personal interview with Nicole Wasilishin
The 200 page case file of Stephanie Wasilishin