Jose Zaragoza - The Hype Sessions Volume #87

Episode 87,   Apr 28, 2023, 11:00 AM

The Birthday show is here from the past week. Jose didn't put a show out last week, as he did a live show, and it's here! Over an hour and half of fun. Put the speakers on loud, get ready to boogie. This is 34 years of mixing, so it's all over the place. Check out the fun and craziness!


Fab G - Feelings
Da Players - Every Inch
Urban Jazz Naturals - How Can I (JT Donaldson Remix)
Dutchican Soul - Promises
Jamie Jones - Lose My Mind
Hannah Hais - Jazz Samba
The Monsters - U R D One
Grand High Priest Mary Mary
Speedy J - Pullover
N-Joi - Malfunction
Prototype - Come Back To Me
New Order - Bizzare Love Triangle
Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon
Pastikman - Spastik
Dj Deeon - In The House (Jason Hodges Remix)
Disco Galactic & Rick Marshall - Strong
DJ Jackum - Gone
Brutta Basil & Duce Martinez - Just As Long As I Got Classics
DJ Nekbath - Got The Music Up
Young Franco - Fallin’ Apart
DJ Nekbath - Go Back To Love
Dillon Francis - Goodies
Olav Basoski - Mango Tree
Hott 22 - Before I Let You In
Loleatta Holloway - Dream’ (Hatiras Liquid Adrenaline Mix)
Marquis Hawkes - The Basement Is Burning
Dj Falcon & Thomas Bangalter - So Much Love To Give
Harry Romero & Erick Morillo - Bang In Your Face
Ac Slater & Curbi - Crave The Bassline
Byor - Say Yes
Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams
Iglesias - Dance To My Drums
Jose Zaragoza - Chicago