Finding Lost Chimes

Apr 25, 2023, 09:28 AM

Recorded for my weekly email delivered from
I was cycling past a village record store and suddenly remembered it was Record Store Day. As I entered, I was welcomed with free beer and sunshine. 
A few minutes later a band started playing some wonderful dream pop folk.
It felt like summer had arrived. They were called Lost Chimes and their set was one long and lovely sigh. I was blissfully lost in it all.
Music expresses what can’t be said and is one of the most beautiful vehicles for story. And these two do it so well. 
The audio above is a chat I grabbed with Gemma and Nicky Kirk as they packed up. 
I will assume you have already found their music on Band Camp. Their previous band Hunt Us is also there. 
Lost Chimes have new album on the way and while you wait for that, i’ll leave you with their beautiful cover of Joy Division’s, “Love will tear us apart”
Thanks for listening.