The Gambling Episode

Episode 289,   Apr 27, 12:00 AM

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The guys are all in this week on this special return of the most racist podcast in the world. After making a very generous and charitable donation, they discuss how they can win big to open a casino of their own. Plus they give some wonderful inspiration for light hearted pranks and share a new delicacy: edible anus. 

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0:00 The Charity Run Song
3:48 Intro
4:55 Livin’ Like Matthew
5:41 New Prank Idea
9:18 Recordin & Ready to Go
10:48 Bobbie Holliday
12:06 Aura
14:11 Licktoria Returns
14:56 Francesca Stugot
17:25 Omegle Pranks
21:04 Vegas Standup
23:38 DoorDash
25:13 The Most Racist Podcast Returns
28:03 Slot Conspiracies
29:17 Rare Elated Win
30:53 Buffalooooooo!!
33:28 Roulette W
34:19 New Fetish Unlocked
35:27 Liquid Death
37:26 Moving to Vegas
38:53 Interactive Vegas Set
41:04 Horse Betting
44:40 New Video type
46:12 Rich Lil Piggies
47:11 Tank Fighting
49:50 Skylight Bongo
52:24 Sports Betting
53:00 TMG Casino
54:27 Ironman Tat
56:22 Spoiled
1:04:04 Gamblin & TV
1:06:28 Edible Anus
1:10:37 A British Love Story
1:12:30 Burner Comments