Psychic Mediumship and Channeling the Arcturians with Ambrosia Matthews

Episode 133,   May 08, 04:51 AM

This week's guest is Ambrosia Matthews. Ambrosia is a psychic medium and a channel who has been able to see, hear and communicate with spirits since the age of 5. She has been working as a professional intuitive since 2018, offering psychic medium readings to help people heal, gain clarity, and connect with their loved ones in spirit.

In addition, Ambrosia is a channel for a collection of Arcturian energy, referred to as The Arc9. This Arcturian energy came through several years ago in order to help humanity ascend and understand their human experience. Ambrosia shares her wisdom, intuitive insights and humor through a podcast called Innerbloom that she hosts with her best friend Alexa Houser.

You can find Ambrosia at: and on the Innerbloom Podcast.
She is currently offering 20% off her readings if you use the code: "awakening"