Ep 31: Yet Another Compensation Hearing

Episode 31,   May 01, 04:48 PM

As both Nick and Rebecca were unable to attend the Post Office Horizon IT inquiry Compensation Hearing on 27 April, they thought it best to speak to some people who were. Sadly Rebecca was also unable to co-host the podcast so Nick brought in Professor Richard Moorhead from Exeter University (and member of the Horizon Compensation Advisory Board), Helen Lacey from Bath Publishing (and trustee of the Horizon Scandal Fund) and Robert Nicholson, Senior Editor at Whistledown Productions (and award-winning producer of the BBC's Great Post Office Trial series) to help talk around the issues raised.

The written submissions, youtube video and transcripts to Thursday's compensation hearing can all be found here on the Inquiry's website.

As promised in the podcast, this is the Horizon Scandal Fund website.

Prof Moorhead is currently recruiting a post-doc researcher who can help his team investigate the Horizon Scandal more fully. Apply here.

And here is a link to The Great Post Office Trial on BBC Sounds.