05/09/2023 Wake Up Call Hour 3

Episode 3404,   May 09, 05:19 PM

The guys talk #NFLSchedules which will officially be released on Thursday; Ronn would love to see his #GoBolts play #GoPackGo at #LambeauField, just not in cold weather which Tony does not agree with; also, the guys come across a viseo comparing certain #NFL teams with certain #CFB teams and this might be one of the more accurate fan creations ever
Guest: #NBA analyst, who covers the sport for Sports Business Class and Bleacher Report, Eric Pincus joins the showgram to talk on the #LakeShow vs #DubNation series; how #LebronJames will keep his team going and what's needed from #StephCurry to get the #Warriors to the next round.
Wrapping up the show talking about eating meat, everything from beef to chicken to alligator to kangaroo and a couple other surprises