The English Psychic - Paula Roberts: Ghost Hunting and her friendship with Ingo Swann

May 13, 04:28 AM

At a very young age, even though she lacked the exact words to express her experience, Paula knew - spirits are everywhere. We are never alone.

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Seer, Ghost Hunter, Remote Viewer, Handwriting Analyst, Speaker, Author.

As has been pointed out to me, there are several EVPs in this conversation.

Bio: The English Psychic - Paula Roberts is a British-born psychic who has been practicing her craft for over 40 years. Known for her accurate readings and her ability to connect with people on a spiritual level. Roberts has worked with celebrities, politicians, and everyday people alike, and she has helped them to gain clarity on their lives and make positive changes.

She first became aware of her psychic abilities at a young age, when she would often see and hear things that other people could not. As she got older, she began to explore her gifts and eventually decided to make a career out of them.

In 1978, Roberts moved to New York City, where she quickly established herself as a leading psychic. Paula Roberts and Ingo Swann collaborated on a number of projects related to remote viewing, including her 'visits' to the Moon and the Great Pyramid'.

She talks about what happened when she touched Marilyn Monroe's bed and details some of the extremely haunted houses she has encountered -- and says she has no interest in living in a house that active.

Her remote viewing experiences with Ingo stand out due to the fact that it was so easy for her to access sites at his suggestion. And yes, just like Ingo, she sensed other presences on the moon. She believes that her RV work was documented and is in a file somewhere but the records have not been made public.

She does, however, have the very rare honor of having her life's work (so far) in the Library of Special Interests in the University of West Georgia. This is where Ingo's work is also stored, and both are available for study. Her archive includes, amongst a great variety of subjects, many years of her world predictions in the New York Post for Cindy Adams.

Paula is featured in the film: Kybalion. "The Kybalion is a documentary film adaptation of the widely popular but underground occult text of the same name, which explores the “Seven Principles” that govern the universe."

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