Holding Space and Honoring you on this Mother's Day

Episode 10,   May 14, 2023, 01:00 PM

Hey Y’allllll!!!!! Welcome back to our final episode of this season. OMG! I truly can’t believe it can y’all? In today’s show we first start off with wishing EVERYONE a Happy Mother’s Day and we’re also holding space for everyone who’s grieving the loss of mother as well. In today’s show we’re holding space for EVERYONE that needs it and we’re here to let you guys know that WE SEE YOU, WE SUPPORT YOU, WE LOVE YOU, and WE HONOR YOU! 

Thank you guys so much for rocking with us for the last 10 shows. I promise when we come back we’re going to be sooooo much BETTER and STRONGER. 

#Milliondollaryear #chiefTemikaMRhines

Love you guys DOWN…

Danielle & Temika. 

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