Life Changes - How to navigate a change in your identity after children

Season 3, Episode 2,   May 18, 2023, 11:20 PM

In this episode professional Career Coach Jane McKenna and Life Coach Teresa Klasener talk about embracing the new identity you take on in the role of a mother and the effect
this change in identity can have as you evolve into a working mother.

They discuss the role values play in your identity as a mother and in your career, how to build confidence and resilience and how you can change the narrative to overcome imposter syndrome.
Both Jane and Teresa believe in the power of women finding their voice and thinking differently and speaking differently about what they are capable of and the value of supporting women as they go through key transitions.

Whether it’s for a LinkedIn profile or a performance review, self-promotion can feel unnatural, awkward or downright embarrassing.  And if you’re a women, even more so.  This AI based tool will help women who habitually play down their successes.
This web-based site will help you drill down into the detail and reveal what your value set is.  You can then take the report to a 1:1 Coaching Session and get some real personalisation on how bring your values to life and make them work for you.

Career Timeline Tool
See Jane’s article in the resources section on Careering into Motherhood’s website.  Here’s the link.

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