Girl Defined… Redefined

Episode 292,   May 18, 12:00 AM

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Cody and Noel revisit the evolution of morning routine guys, which will inevitably lead to a new beginning for both them and Girl Defined. Plus, how to scam with Grindr, the next reason Ai is targeting the human race, and a whole lot of phallic plants. 

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0:00 Massive Fever
0:53 Intro
1:58 Race Winner
2:31 Spluge On Yourself
5:09 How Deez 
5:45 Branzito Everyday
6:54 Southern Pit Boss
8:22 How Old is Big Jake?
10:30 Door Dash
12:35 Burnt Ends w/ Big Jake
14:30 Cody The Sequel
16:23 First In-N-Out
17:38 Mark Wiens’ CPM
19:11 Coddled Baby Stomach
21:04 BetterHelp
23:26 Saffy’s
24:29 Shoutout AdAge
25:27 Fart Mics
26:12 Phallic Plant??
27:46 Grindr Network
29:35 Phallic Plant Reversed 
31:12 God, Goals & Growth
34:49 Honey
36:46 Morning Routine Guys Now
39:09 Alternative Universe Girl Defined 
41:43 High on Prayers
43:47 Dr Drugs
47:15 Ai Attack on Skin Tags
48:54 Stamps
50:43 Cyber Truck
52:08 Fired for Sneezing
52:50 Car Content 
56:25 Extreme Youtubing
58:31 The Jokes Hierarchy 
1:00:47 Bankrolling Twitter Blue
1:05:16 Horticulture Podcast