194. The Power Of Investing FT. Darrel Frater

Episode 194,   Jan 27, 2023, 01:42 AM

Good evening family and welcome to another episode of #sportsbizmusic on tonight's show I got the chance to chat with Darrel Frater Venture Capitalist and owner/founder of the InTheClub.app. In tonight's episode talk about his journey into becoming a VC, Becoming a new Dad, and Working for VisibleHands VC, and also talk about his company InTheClubApp and how it will help different creatives elevate and showcase their crafts, especially DJs. We also talked about the importance of investing and the different types of investing and more!!!

Check out his links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarrelFrater

Instagram: @darrelfrater

Visible Hands: https://www.visiblehands.vc/

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