Michael Le Flem's 'Visions of Atlantis' - offers a refresh on Plato's ancient story

May 19, 06:36 PM

This thought-provoking book offers a unique perspective on the story of Atlantis.

"Scholars the world over and through time have placed the lost island continent in various locations, from Antarctica, to the Americas, to Plato's own coordinates outside the Straights of Gibraltar near the Azores. Why the confusion? Michael explains.

Visions of Atlantis: Reclaiming our Lost Ancient Legacy, Amazon, by Michael Le Flem, further explores the story of Atlantis by including relevant and fascinating esoteric material.

"Clairvoyant impressions from Edgar Cayce, Frederick Oliver, Rudolf Steiner, Barbara Hand Clow and others supplement a concerted scientific, philosophical and historical investigation of humanity's antediluvian achievements and Atlantis' tragic demise."

Divided into three parts: the first part examines the historical and archaeological evidence for Atlantis, the second part looks at the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Atlantis, and the third part explores the potential impact of Atlantis on our modern world.

Le Flem also discusses the possibility that Atlantis may have been a source of ancient knowledge about the nature of reality.

Review: "I was totally enthralled. This is probably the best deep-history book I've read to date." - Josh del Sol, Director of Take Back Your Power (Winner of the 2013 Leo Award)

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