TWIN PETES INVESTING Podcast no.101: TwinPetesInvesting Challenge April winner, Generative AI, Wood Group THG Grainger Purplebricks Carvana Cazoo, Tirupati Graphite, Harbour Energy, RMV ASLI INSG HEMO DKL OTB ZYT WOSG MPAC RCH Investing Trading Charity &

Episode 154,   May 20, 12:17 PM

The topics, stocks and shares mentions / discussed include:

Artificial Intelligence / AI
Generative AI
Grainger / GRI
Aberdeen European Logistics Income / ASLI
Tirupati Graphite / TGR
Private Equity
Takeovers / Profit warnings
Wood Group / Apollo Asset Management
Online Disruptors
Purplebricks / PURP / Strike
Rightmove / RMV
Carvana / CVNA
Cazoo / CZOO
On the Beach / OTB
Restore / RST
FTSE 100
AIM All-Share
US Debt Ceiling
Zytronic / ZYT
Reach / RCH
Watches of Switzerland / WOSG
Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals / HEMO
Insig AI / INSG
Shield Therapeutics / STX
Harbour Energy / HBR
Dekel Agri-Vision / DKL
S4 Capital / SFOR
Accounting / Auditing issues
Algy Hall new book & how to win a copy @algyhall | Linktree
UK Investor Show on 9th June 2023 will you be attending?
Harriman House books
Powder Monkey Brewing Co 5% discount code : TWINPETES
Menphys Charity Appeal please make a donation on the TwinPetes Investing Challenge 2023 Just Giving Page
& much more

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