Off The Bench: The final episode of the season!

Season 1, Episode 30,   May 23, 02:00 PM

The FPL season finale is nearly upon us as Gianni Buttice and Az Phillips talk us through how their Gameweek 37 has treated them so far 👍👎 

The pair discuss Man City’s never-ending rotation, which clubs are ‘on the beach’ and Fulham’s firing forward 🔥 


  • Pep doing Pep (1m 59s)
  • Consistent Kane (12m 58s)
  • Brighton rotation (16m 39s)
  • Arsenal drop-off (20m 43s)
  • Who’s 'on the beach'? (28m 11s)
  • Moving for Mitrovic (32m 25s)
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