May 23, 03:20 PM

Nuggets sweep Lakers to make their 1st NBA Finals! 

Christian Braun has chance for history as member of the Nuggets

Lakeside Golf with the 3 Peat in State Golf!

Cory Beougher: Lakeside Knights golf coach joins us

Cade Hewitt: New Beloit Wrestling Coach joins us

Royals mess of a lineup and how having Salvy as catcher may be a detriment for the long term future of the Royals

Royals finally walk away from Hunter Dozier

Florida Panthers one win away from Stanley Cup Finals

NFL owners continue to speak out of both sides of their mouths as they approve Thursday Night football flexing of games. 

At least Jerry Jones is transparent enough to say he cares more about the people at home watching than those who pay big money to attend games. 

All backs up what Dusty has been saying all along about how attendance isn't that important anymore to the owners.