#30 Maintaining A Positive Business Mindset Once You Hit 40

Episode 30,   Jun 15, 2023, 05:00 AM

Turning 40 is often the catalyst for a lot of physical and mental change, and this can affect your mindset in your business. But feeling genuinely positive inside yourself can be the catalyst for your business success and this is what I will help you achieve today.  

You might find you’re facing different challenges now you’re older, but you are actually better set up for success at this stage of your life than you ever have been!  

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A practical way to reframe your limiting beliefs
  • Why your lived life experience is a very good thing for your business
  • How to get clarity, even with peri-menopausal brain fog
  • Why setting boundaries will help you build resilience and confidence
  • How to navigate loneliness in business
  • My top tips for facing challenges head on, and overcoming them with ease
  • How to manage stress and stay positive in times of stress
You have the power to shape your mindset and create the future you dream of. Stay empowered. Stay inspired!  
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