Actor and writer "Ithamar Enriquez Has Nothing to Say."

Season 1, Episode 44,   May 26, 08:33 PM

Vanguardia America interviews Ithamar Enriquez, an El Paso native and now California-based actor and writer who's done television and film in L.A. for the past 15 years, even as he tours his comedy, "Ithamar Has Nothing to Say." The show is called that because Ithamar actually doesn’t utter a single word in the show.

Inspired by the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean, and the long-running improv show, Whose Line is it Anyway, Enriquez is also an alum of the famed Chicago comedy troupe, Second City. 

By all accounts "Ithamar Has Nothing to Say" will not only make you laugh, but it might even make you think, which is never a bad thing.

Ithamar talks to host James E. Garcia all about his life, career and why he doesn't speak in this show, which is being staged at Stray Cat Theater at the Tempe Center for the Arts thru May 28.