MYSTERY | The Case of Angela Hammond

Episode 61,   May 28, 07:32 PM

20-year-old Angela Hammond pulled over to call her fiancé Rob Shafer using a payphone late one night in their hometown of Clinton, Missouri. She was 4 months pregnant at the time

On the call, Angela began describing to Rob that a strange truck was circling the phone booth. The unidentified man in the truck then parked and began using a flashlight as if he was looking for something near the pay-phones

Then suddenly, Rob Shafer heard a blood curdling scream and listened as his fiancé Angela was abducted from the phone booth. As he quickly drove to the payphones to save his pregnant fiancé, he passed the very truck Angela was in and heard her call out to him for help "Robbie!"

Tragically, Rob's car stalled shortly after and his transmission failed. Rob watched Angela's abductor get away. After this, Angela's case went cold for years.

But recently, new evidence has emerged in the case. A lead that could break this case wide open & bring Angela's abductor to justice...

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