Keith L. Underwood Creator of 'Califia and the Timeless Sentries'

Episode 354,   May 29, 04:41 PM

In this week's episode of the Black Girl Nerds podcast, we welcome multi-hyphenate Keith L. Underwood, creator of the comic series 'Califia and the Timeless Sentries'.

Keith L. Underwood is an independent public relations expert with over twenty years in the communications industry. He is an international advertising and marketing strategist, content creator, media writer, brand manager, print and digital media consultant, event coordinator, and creative director.

In 2014, Underwood was the founder and digital content creator of, a digital media platform featuring the latest news, reviews, and info centering on diversity in the comic book genre.
In 2016, Underwood created Califia and the Timeless Sentries. Califia and the Timeless Sentries is a science fantasy property about Califia, a Nubian Amazon queen after whom the state of California was named, who joins forces with other legendary heroes to fight cruelty and injustice in a world where time, space, science, and sorcery defy the laws of nature. The Califia and the Timeless Sentries science fantasy, motion comic web series is currently available on YouTube @califiacomics.

Host: Ryanne
Music by: Sammus and SkyBlew
Edited by: Jamie Broadnax