Responsible Supply Chains

Episode 2,   May 31, 03:28 PM

In this second podcast in our new series, supply chain professional and University of Bradford alumna, Alison Rance joins Associate Professor in Supply Chain Analytics, Kamran Mahroof, to talk about the issues relating to the world of supply chains and practical ways to promote and drive responsible supply chain management during economically challenged times. Topics from toilet paper, the pandemic, competition, halal meat and of course the weather are discussed!

Responsible Management - "Doing it because you want to, not because you have to”. 

Responsible Management is a podcast from the University of Bradford’s award-winning School of Management. It is hosted by David Spicer, Professor of Small Business Development and Organisational Studies and Director of Business and Community Engagement in the school.

In this podcast we bring together our academic experts and leaders from industry to debate and discuss issues concerning ethics, sustainability and responsibility in organisations today.

This is part of the offer provided for SMEs as part of the school’s Knowledge Transfer Network. For more information please contact