"Art's Alive" w/ Bill DeYoung 5-31-23 Liz Dimmitt and Mikhail Mansion, Fairgrounds St. Pete

Season 5, Episode 3523,   May 31, 05:45 PM

Liz Dimmitt and Mikhail Mansion, two of the co-founders of Fairgrounds St. Pete, are today’s guests on the Arts Alive! podcast. She is the CEO; he is the CTO, which means he creates the installation technology that makes their “immersive art and technology museum” blink, shimmer, rotate and undulate. Mikhail makes it move.

Fairgrounds St. Pete features the work of 70 local and regional artists; it’s a walk-through series of rooms, open spaces and areas that defy description, all created with fun and whimsy in mind.

During the conversation Dimmitt describes how, during her travels, she grew enamored of interactive art exhibits, which led to a determination to bring one to St. Petersburg. Fairgrounds opened in September, 2021.

Mansion, who was recently named the area’s “Artist Laureate” by the Creative Pinellas organization, talks about how the emergent integration of art and technology imbued the recent past with a sense of wonder, and makes the artistic future virtually without limit. #fairgroundsstpete #lizdimmit #stpetecatalyst #billdeyoung #stpete #wada #tampabay #radio #radiostpete