NETBALLHer Special

Episode 8,   Jun 01, 2023, 03:13 PM

Courtside is back! Following on from our first series building up to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Lindsey Chapman returns with a special episode of the podcast looking at England Netball’s new education programme, NETBALLHer.

NETBALLHer is an industry-leading programme that aims to better educate women and girls about their bodies at different life stages.

In this episode, Lindsey speaks to Executive Lead for the programme Kelly Gordon who explains how the programme came to be as well as three fantastic guests who all open up to share about their experiences within the sport at different life stages. 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Eboni Usoro-Brown talks about her experience becoming a mother and returning to the sport, Roses Academy athlete Daisy Lees tells Lindsey about her challenges with heavy periods and Netball Development Community Coach Yvonne Rhoden MBE gives her account about the menopause.

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