TWIN PETES INVESTING Podcast no.102: With 2 special guests, The AI theme Nvidia Microsoft S&P500 FTSE 100 AIM All-share TMSC ASML Tremor DWF Calnex, Eleco, Spirent, DotDigital, Keywords Studios, WE Soda, PMI SFOR BEG GTLY Investing, Trading &

Episode 155,   Jun 01, 11:01 PM

The topics, stocks and shares mentions / discussed include:

Two special guests: Alex DeGroote & Henry Viola-Heir
The Artificial Intelligence Theme / AI
Nvidia / NVDA
Microsoft / MSFT
ASML Holding / ASML
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co / TMSC / TMS
Calnex / CLX
Spirent / SPT
DotDigital / DOTD
Eleco / ELCO
Keywords Studio / KWS
Tremor International / TRMR
Digital 9 Infrastructure / DGI9
DWF Group / DWF
Gateley / GTLY
Begbies Traynor / BEG
Premier Miton / PMI
S4 Capital / SFOR
US. Debt Ceiling
FTSE 100
AIM All-Share
S&P 500
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