06/02/2023 Wake Up Call Hour 3

Episode 3490,   Jun 02, 2023, 04:22 PM

Hour 3 of Wake Up Call starts off with a little #NFL as the guys talk on various teams that may have improved post #NFLDraft, especially some of those teams in the AFC South; the #SEC decided to drop the hammer on "fan storming", but both Tony & Ronn explain why you'll still see it happen in that conference
Guest: talking #NBAFinals with Mike Gallagher, senior #NBA analyst for Establish The Run NBA; he joins the showgram to recap that masterclass performance #MileHighCityBasketball put on #HeatCulture
As they head into this weekend, Ronn does his best to convince Tony and the nation just how great this #FACup will be and how it's a must watch #ManchesterDerby #MANU #ManchesterUnited #ManC #ManchesterCity