Tuesday, June 6: Why Does Coca-Cola Taste Different Depending Where You Get It?; Apple's Announcement; Strange Ways To Make Money

Jun 06, 2023, 05:32 PM

Why does Coca-Cola taste different depending on where/how you get it? Chaz and AJ explored the phenomenon with comedian Matt Lopes, who has a list of the "best" tasting Coke from bottles to fountain soda. 

"Gadget Guy" Steve Greenberg was on to talk about the big VR announcement from Apple, which sounds like a big improvement on the Meta-verse. 

After hearing about the money to made at a "tickle bar," Chaz and AJ opened the phones to the Tribe to call in the strange things they've done to make money. 

Attorney John Haymond was in studio to talk about a big motorcycle ride, but spent a little time revisiting the time he was sued by Judge Judy, supposedly the first time she has ever sued ANYONE. 

Image Credit: Chinnachart Martmoh / iStock / Getty Images Plus