Seeing with Apple Vision

Episode 295,   Jun 08, 12:00 AM

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Noel surprises Cody with a new business venture inspired by his European travels. Plus, the guys discuss the future of Apple vision, Cody’s new glasses, try chocolate anus and finally address the fan fiction inspired rumors...

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0:00 Noel’s New Business
6:10 Noel’s Commute
7:41 Breakfast of Champions
8:50 Intro
9:56 Cody’s Competitive Spirit
10:22 Thiccc in Europe
12:14 New Business Ventures
12:56 Honey, We Found Cody’s Doppelganger
14:12 Seatgeek
15:33 The Skin-a-Go-Round
18:46 Cody’s Lassik journey
21:33 Cigs in Noel’s Neck
22:34 Trying Cody’s Glasses
24:37 Noel’s Special
25:56 Cody’s Dad Joke
27:02 Doordash
29:10 Addressing the Rumors…
30:58 Defining and Cycling Through the UK
34:45 Five Marg Music
38:36 Noel’s 5 AM Wakeup
39:09 Betterhelp
40:27 Real 30 Year Old Gaming Hours 
46:22 Old on the Button
47:27 Us of K
49:55 Succession Spoilers
52:55 Starbucks
54:37 Chocolate Anus
58:36 Casting Our Anus
1:03:24 The Anus Museum