#33 Running A Business With ADHD And Autism

Episode 33,   Jul 06, 2023, 05:00 AM

In this very personal episode, I share my experience of running my business with Autism and ADHD. As a late-diagnosed Autistic with ADHD, I am uncovering how challenging it actually makes my life, and how it has shaped the business I have today (even before I knew I was neurodivergent!). 

Since my diagnosis, I can see how obvious it is that my coaching, podcast, and book, are all brilliant guides for neurodivergent people. Many of my clients wonder if they may have ADHD and Autism, so I know I am attracting people I can help from the inside out. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What challenges my Autism and ADHD present 
  • How I overcome my procrastination 
  • Why planning and structure is essential for my business success
  • How I manage my overwhelm 
  • Why boundaries and discipline can change everything
  • How to stay focused on what you’re meant to be doing 
  • How to make social media less overwhelming
  • How to remember things you need to do
I hope my personal story and strategies will help you bring calm to your mind and your business. Always know you are not alone, and you are a magical individual. 

If my support will help you move forward, please message me on Instagram. I’m @libbylangley. 

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