How to Unlock Your Connection Quotient? with Marco Buschman

Episode 326,   Jun 14, 07:25 AM

In today's episode of LID Radio Podcast, we're joined by Marco Buschman, author of The Connection Quotient.

Marco Buschman is a leadership expert, inspirational speaker and master certified coach. He specializes in facilitating and supporting organizations in creating high-performance cultures.

In his book, Marco demonstrates how the Connection Quotient enables an honest, courageous and humane interconnection to form, while still focusing on financial outcomes and results, developing these relations to improve the business networks they serve. The CQ enables us to illuminate our human qualities and use these to connect with others, discuss differences, expand insight and encourage the development of new ideas. The CQ will introduce a new workplace culture where organizations and teams can approach the personal and professional through a more transparent and inclusive style. Ultimately, the CQ makes it possible to play “hard on the ball, and soft on the individual”.

Episode Questions:

00:57 - Why did you decide to write The Connection Quotient back in 2020 and why do you think its messaging is still as relevant?
03:41 - What is the connection quotient, how would you define it?
05:33 - Why is it important to be in Connection with Yourself and how do we achieve that?
09:53 - When it comes to the connection with yourself, in the book you say that we have patterns, or behaviours, that we’re not happy with but we justify them by saying ‘that’s the way I am’. Why is that detrimental and how can we change patterns? 
14:50 - What are some strategies for happiness?
18:12 - Why is it important to be in connection with the other to be a great leader? 
21:49 - What are the important elements of building a connection with the other?
24:34 - How important is it to be connected to your team and your organization and what does it mean to be connected to them?
27:01 - What’s more important when connecting with your team and organisation – intellect or emotions? And how do we strike the right balance between them?
35:30 - What would be your tips for any leader looking to work on their CQ, where should they begin?