Stealing Noel’s DNA

Episode 296,   Jun 15, 12:00 AM

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Wahlid is back and he has some tricks up his sleeve. The guys talk about life in the OC, the key to winning someone’s heart, and weird encounters from their old retail jobs. Plus, Wahlid has an exciting new business plan for Noel’s future comedy shows! 

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0:00 Embracing the Character 
1:05 Intro
2:13 Come See Wahlid’s Live Show!
4:47 A Special Gift to Noel
6:01 6AM Meal Prep
8:07 The Taste Test…
10:17 Horny Clothes in Lisbon
12:09 Thuma
14:07 Post Layoff Clarity
15:35 The Fuck Man, Make More Money!
17:46 Wahlid’s Backup Plan
18:58 Doing Wahlid a Solid
19:35 The Hype House Kabob Truck
20:47 Farewell Foul Tip (No More Sports Talk)
21:13 The Zach & Wahlid Show Cookout
22:46 Noel’s Sleep Schedule is F#&ked
23:36 Noel’s Next Tour Stop
24:25 Quiet Quitting is Reaching a New Level
25:08 Stamps
26:49 Wahlid’s Worst Birthday
28:03 Feeling White Washed
28:33 Wahlid’s Out of Pocket Teacher
29:53 Fear of Embracing Culture
30:26 Wahlid Should Have SUED
32:03 Northern Hog Sucking
33:20 Boys Gone Fishin’
34:28 Meat Got Me All Horned Up
35:01 Liquid Death
36:44 Tech Bros Meetup
37:25 Wahlid Presents- Noel’s Next Tour Strategy
47:13 Wahlid’s Standup Career
48:21 FouseyTube Does Stand Up
49:57 Crying in the (Comedy) Club
50:57 Factor
53:01 Stereotypes in Different Countries
53:58 Noel Visits Toronto
54:43 Looking Scared at Happy Burger
55:55 Buzzer Beater Ordering
56:46 Subway Slander
57:12 MRE Tuna Packages
56:39 Fake Chicken
59:02 Never Committing Crimes with Wahlid
59:27 The Classic Clopen NPCs
1:00:50 Black Friday Best Buy Campers
1:04:39 Working on Black Friday
1:05:34 Noel Goes Back to the Workforce