TWIN PETES INVESTING Podcast no.103: How to generate Monster returns, Growth stocks, Apple, Amazon, Tyman, Grafton, Michelmersh, Alfa, Hilton Foods, NCC SAA RWA RWS Nexen ETFS VUAG CNX1 IITU VWRL XMUS AI FTSE 100, AIM All-Share S&P 500 Investing Trading &

Episode 156,   Jun 15, 2023, 11:19 PM

The topics, stocks and shares mentions / discussed include:

How to generate Monster returns
Growth stocks
Apple / AAPL
Amazon / AMZN
Tyman / TYMN
Grafton / GFTU
Michelmersh / MBH
Alfa Financial Software / ALFA
Hilton Foods / HFG
WE Soda
M&C Saatchi / SAA
Robert Walters /RWA
Nexen/Tremor / TRMR
Artificial Intelligence /AI
Fidelity National Information Services / FIS
FTSE 100
AIM All-Share
S&P 500
Interest rates,
S&P 500 ETF / VAUG
Nasdaq ETF / CNX1
US Stock Market ETF / XMUS
Real Estate ETF / IWDP
Dividend Appreciation ETF /  GGRG
All World ETF /  VWRL
High Dividend Yield /  HDLG
Mergers & Acquisitions / MNA
Kindness Matters
Harriman House books
Powder Monkey Brewing Co 5% discount code : TWINPETES
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& much more

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