'Matt Talks Wine & Stuff with Interesting People' Podcast: Episode 141 with Doug Cooper, Owner of Provenance Wine Bar and Commissary

Episode 149,   Jun 16, 2023, 11:29 AM

Some podcast interviews are carefully planned for and some you just stumble on.
This one is the latter. 
While on a mini vacation in small town Orillia we stumbled across this is incredible wine bar, the Provenance Wine Bar and Commissary.
This episode of the ‘Matt Talks Wine & Stuff with Interesting People’ Podcast is with the owner, Doug Cooper.
The selection was as good as any Toronto wine bar, the prices were even better, and the service was fantastic.
This wine bar is for all types. From the hard-core wine fans, the just getting into wine people to the “shut up and just pour me something delicious crowd”.