Talking 'In Too Deep' with Chris Overton

Season 3, Episode 9,   Jun 23, 2023, 08:52 PM

In this very special episode, Nigel hosts Academy Award winner Chris Overton in the pod as they explore Chris' new short film, In Too Deep.

This new short film is an exploration of the dangerous intersection between grief and technology, throwing us into the grieving process of Ben (Stephen Wight) and Carol (Rachel Shenton) as they struggle to come to terms with the loss of their daughter. While Carol tries everything she can to cope with her grief, Ben isolates himself and hatches a plan to reverse their loss but risks making things much worse.

Chris Overton shares his origin story as a filmmaker, the birth and evolution of his company Slick Films and the chain of events that led to he and co-lead of In Too Deep, Rachel Shenton going from colleagues to spouses to Oscar-winners.

Nigel and Chris also explore the place of short film in modern cinema as well as key lessons that Chris has learned over the course of his filmmaking journey.

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