#36 Launching a Clinician Educator Career With Drs. Sue Farrell and Caroline Okorie

Episode 37,   Jun 28, 06:14 AM

Guests Dr. Sue Farrell, Harvard University and Dr. Caroline Okorie, Stanford University, discuss careers  as clinician educators.  They share their own roadmap for advancement in academic medicine while reflecting on the concept of ikigai.  We review tips for success for academic clinicians across the spectrum- how to create your strategic plan, think about advancement, and integrate scholarship into your work.  

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Show Segments

  • Intro, disclaimer, guest bio
  • Guest one-liner/ Best piece of advice
  • Case #1 from Kashlak Memorial Hospital
  • Learning from senior faculty vs mid-level
  • Ce vs cE
  • Tips to building your early career
  • Ikigai/ Roadmap to becoming a CE
  • What our guests wish they knew from the beginning
  • You don’t always have to say yes
  • Mid-Career Educator
  • ACGME CE Milestones
  • Strategic Plan
  • Dr Okorie’s Personal Path
  • What she has learned through this process
  • Advancement/Promotion
  • Bias and Equity in Promotion
  • Scholarship
  • Take Home Points
  • Outro


  • Script, Guest Selection: Frances Ue MD MPH
  • Infographic, Cover Art: Megan Connor MD
  • Hosts: Frances Ue MD MPH, Era Kryzhanovskaya MD, Molly Heublein MD   
  • Show Notes/CME: Molly Heublein MD
  • Editor: (audio materials) Podpaste; Frances Ue MD MPH, Era Kryzhanovskaya MD (written materials) 
  • Guests: Sue Farrell MD EdM, Caroline Okorie MD MPH