NPC Summer

Episode 298,   Jun 29, 12:00 AM

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Cody shares his favorite tiktoker of the week, Noel exposes Cody for leaving him on read and they discuss why the OceanGate submarine accident is NOT funny. Plus, they break down the Shein factory drama, redefine themselves as the bruh wonky slush podcast and enter a riff off competition with one another. 

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0:00 Uh Oh… The Ad Bongo 
0:11 Intro
1:18 Left on Read
3:55 The Serious Submarine
11:03 Comped Trip (Not Like it Matters)
13:21 Doordash
15:44 The Uber Share Podcast Guest
17:40 Podcasting From the Frontlines
20:38 Cody’s Tiktokker of the Week
22:44 Regular Person Fashion
24:12 Starbucks Review
27:13 A GTA Interruption
29:26 Friendzoned at Starbucks
31:46 NPC Confidence
37:45 Discovering Riffing
42:35 Breaking Down the Shein Drama 
50:15 Touring The Fake Factory
54:52 Inside Shein’s Business
59:05 Bonus Time