Circular economy: What are benefits for businesses

Episode 12,   Jun 29, 2023, 01:58 PM

In the first part of this episode we speak to Waco Yokoyama, Consultant and Circular Economy Specialist at Gemserv. Waco provides a concise explanation of the circular economy and highlights the main benefits for businesses, including cost reduction, increased sales, and decreased reliance on specific raw materials. She also discusses how the circular economy principles can be applied differently across sectors and emphasises the barriers to implementation and potential solutions.

In the second part we speak to Bret Willers, Head of Climate Change & Sustainability at Coventry City Council who shares insights on Coventry’s draft Climate Change Strategy that incorporates circular economy principles for Coventry residents and businesses.

  • Waco Yokoyama - Consultant and Circular Economy Specialist at Gemserv
  • Bret Willers - Head of Climate Change at Coventry City Council
Host: Jonathan Howl, Green Business Programme Business Advisor

Producer: Maria Covlea, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator

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